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We perform High-Voltage System Diagnostics & Repairs

We have the expertise, training and equipment to service the high-voltage systems that power your electric vehicle—and do it safely. This includes the battery pack, electric motor and other components. We’ll also install any necessary firmware and software updates.

Keeping your EV charged is easy here

. We operate an onsite EV charging station, making it simple for customers to keep their electric vehicle charged and ready to go. The future is electric here at our garage, so we strive to accommodate a growing number of EV drivers. So, if you drive an electric vehicle, you can keep your car charged when you stop in.

Smarter Service

Your electric vehicle is smart. Your service should be too. Relax in our waiting area with comfy seating, mobile charging stations and high-speed Wi-Fi.  Receive text alerts on the status of your vehicle, make payments on the go and more. The Auto Solve Pros are just a tap away.

A common misconception with electric vehicles is that they require no maintenance. While they no longer require oil changes, there are many items that still require regular inspections and maintenance. At Auto Solve, we have developed a maintenance plan to help ensure your electric vehicle lasts a long time and is safe.


EV Maintenance

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