Rust Proofing

Rustproofing is an inner panel service in which we spray a wax oil inside the bottoms of the doors, rocker panels, hood, trunk or tailgate, boxed frame rails, and cross-bracing under the vehicle.  The inner coating is what keeps your vehicle from rotting from the inside out.  Most places are accessible to spray with our 3 foot wand, that has a 360° spray radius.  Usually only on the bottoms of the doors do we have to put a 1/2″ hole to get the wand in.  When we are done spraying inside the doors we put a factory looking cap over the hole.  Our Rust Proofing Service is highly recommended for those vehicles who classically have rusted out in the rocker panel area, bottoms of doors, inner frame rails.  The best time to do this service is when the vehicle is brand new or a slightly used vehicle, once rust is showing through this service will aid in slowing the rust down, but not prevent it.

Aftermarket rust protection coats the inside surfaces of metal panels to protect them from moisture and other corrosives, preventing rust from starting. This effectively seals out oxygen (air) and H2O (water) from contact with the metal. It’s important to rust-protect your vehicle before rust begins. The rust-protection process does not remove existing corrosion, it does prevent future rusting.

Look for a process that uses durable, long-lasting protectant, supported by periodic maintenance, and ensure that the rustproofing is applied by professional, well-trained technicians who use custom tooling to reach and coat all rust-prone areas.

Additionally, wash your car regularly as recommended in your owner’s manual, including the underbody, to remove corrosive substances, and clear the drain holes at the bottom of doors and under rocker panels. Spot check and power clean areas of your car that are susceptible to rust to be sure that water, salt, mud, dust-control chemicals and other corrosives are not collecting there.