Here’s How You Pick The Right Mechanic

For you, your vehicle and your wallet

It’s been said many times that one of the most important professional relationships you can develop is with a trustworthy mechanic. If you don’t have a family member who is a mechanic, or if you’re not inclined to do your own auto repairs, then you will need to know what to look for when developing this important relationship.

The first thing you will want to consider when hiring a mechanic is to consider the recommendations of your family and friends or people whose opinion you inherently trust. You must also check the public reviews of the shop on online. There you will find a good selection of reviews and opinions that you can take into consideration.

Communication is key. Does the mechanic explain repairs clearly to you? Do you leave the conversation understanding why you need work, what exactly will be done, how much it will cost and if there is any way you can possibly get the work done for less? It is important that you feel the mechanic takes your personal situation into consideration. If you need an expensive repair that has caught you unaware, does the mechanic listen to you when you explain that the cost may be a problem? Perhaps the shop has alternative ways to repair your vehicle, or use less expensive parts to save you money. Be sure to ask it certainly can’t hurt. Never pay for any work you have not authorized.

If you are seeking something unique such as a specialist for your particular car or specific repairs, be sure to ask if the mechanic has experience with what you are seeking. Be sure to ask if your car will be sent elsewhere or worked on by a mechanic other than the one you’ve chosen. Some mechanics will specialize in particular cars, makes, models, domestics, imports or types of repairs such as tires, engine, transmission or brakes. If you will be needing more than one type of repair that your mechanic may not provide, perhaps they can provide a recommendation for another mechanic.

Location and transportation are also important when choosing a mechanic. Once you drop off your car, how will you travel to work or home? If the repair will take a number of days, ask if the shop provides shuttle service or free loaner cars. Will you need to make a reservation for the loaner car or is it readily available?

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